From Site Dewatering to Underground Construction, Xylem is a Leader ​

Whether you’re building, maintaining or repairing, no other company offers a more versatile range of dewatering products than Xylem.  

Additionally, our heavy-duty pumps play a role in the most critical infrastructure projects across the world, including pipeline and utility construction.

Digging ever-deeper tunnels, dealing with high water tables, repairing water main breaks and moving wastewater is part of the construction process. Xylem's Flygt and Godwin brands of rental pumps provide exceptional value for lowering water tables, dewatering groundwater, or draining storm waters from your site. With dependable products and services, you can rely on Xylem for:

  • Bentonite slurry pumping
  • Emergency floodwater drainage
  • Face and stage dewatering
  • Jetting
  • Site drainage and wellpoint dewatering
  • Stream diversions
  • Sewage bypass

It’s a reality that the majority of construction sites require dewatering pumps. Sometimes the pumps remain after your job is completed. Groundwater from the surrounding area, as well as rain, can flood the whole site if not dealt with properly. In addition, excavation below the water table can create the opportunity for water to enter the site. Xylem understands the battle you face on a daily basis, and is there with you for the duration of your construction dewatering needs with pumps, equipment and services available for purchase or rent 24/7.

Godwin and Flygt have been trusted names in construction site dewatering for over 100 years. In fact, Flygt created the first submersible dewatering pump. Xylem combines those two legacies on a daily basis to engineer construction site dewatering projects around the world. We provide confidence and help you focus on your skills…building. At Xylem, we remove more than just water. We remove the worry of water and allow you to focus on the job at hand.