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Robust Data from the World's Smallest ADCP

The SonTek-RS5 is the world’s most compact and robust ADCP for collecting discharge data in rivers, streams and canals. The RS5 is small, yet powerful, and when paired with the custom designed Torrent Board Micro and SonTek-RTK, you will be ready to quickly collect the highest quality water velocity and flow measurement possible no matter where your environmental water monitoring takes you.


Product Features

Packed with All the Features You Expect

The SonTek-RS5 comes loaded with advanced data collection capabilities, high-precision data quality, and flexible deployment options customers have grown used to with SonTek ADCPs over the years.

  • Vertical Acoustic Beam: Superior channel definition for the most accurate cross-sectional area, for discharge applications. Measures the depth directly under the system and extends maximum discharge depth if bottom-tracking is out of range.
  • SmartPulse+®: An intelligent algorithm utilizing Pulse-coherent and Broadband acoustic profiling that automatically adjusts based on conditions. Reliable bottom tracking and velocity profiling in water depths shallower than ever. Visualize velocity data like never before with cell sizes down to 2.5 cm.
  • 360º compass and two-axis tilt sensor: Reports vessel heading, magnetic error and compensates for motion due to surface conditions. Tilt sensor uses pitch and roll to correct depth and velocities.
  • Bottom-tracking: Acoustically track vessel speed over ground. Also supplies secondary depth measurement.
  • RTK GPS (Option): Ultra precise positioning as an alternative to bottom tracking in moving bed or other difficult situations. Geolocate each sample (or ensemble) during measurement. Corrections are sent from the SonTek RTK base station or a local NTRIP.
  • DGNSS (Option): Integrated DGNSS smart antenna for position as a backup or alternative to bottom tracking in moving bed or other difficult conditions.

For a streamlined experience, batteries and Bluetooth radio are housed in the RS5, which means there is no need to connect to external electronics boxes. Rely on an integrated, modern, high speed, and low power wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE5) radio, with 100m range and five-minute data buffer to prevent data loss and redundant work.

Learn more about what makes RS5 a step above the rest! Download the RS5 ADCP brochure for a complete listing of special features and specifications.

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*1 Maximum range will vary with environmental conditions.
*2 Bottom velocity accuracy.
*3 When using provided SonTek USB radio with antenna.

Software & Firmware

Software & Firmware

RSQ: Visualize and Process Data Like Never Before!

V 3.0 – 12DEC2022 – 60MB

RSQ is a modern and user-friendly software interface. One measurement file includes all the data and metadata you need for each measurement. Export data to formats for Excel, Matlab, Google Earth, Kisters, and AGILA. Do more with less time utilizing improved site templates. Experiment, learn, or teach in the office or conference room as though you were in the field with the option to playback recorded files simulating live data collection. Flexibility is key with RS5!


  • Collect both moving boat or stationary measurements
  • Connect to Network RTK (NTRIP) within network range
  • Use GNSS to calculate distance between stations for stationary measurements
  • Run and apply Extrap (USGS) to both moving boat and stationary measurements
  • Sub-section moving boat transects and recalculate discharge
  • Choose beam switching (3-beam solution) when one beam shows interference 
  • Process *.riv/*.rivr files from SonTek’s M9 or S5
  • Save data on a PC, external drive, or network
  • Custom file naming option
  • Select between GNSS or built in magnetic compass for heading

download-icon.png RSQ

RS5 Firmware

V 1.51 – OCT2023 – 538KB

Firmware for RS5

download-icon.png RS5 Firmware

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools



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