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Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR)

ICEAS advanced SBR

  • ICEAS advanced SBR


System Components

System Components

OSCAR process performance optimizer
Technical Information

Technical Information

Aeration Equipment
  • Types of aeration equipment
    Typically includes Fine Bubble Aeration (Gold Series membrane diffusers or Silver Series II membrane disc diffusers); Coarse Bubble Aeration optional (Stainless steel wide band diffusers), Retrievable Grids optional (Eco-lift retrievable aeration gird)
Air Control Valves
  • Types of air control valves
    Wafer type butterfly valves with electric motor actuator typical
  • Types of blowers
    Positive displacement or centrifugal
Controls, MCC, SCADA
  • Types of controls
    OSCAR process performance optimizer
  • Actuator
    Electro-mechanical screw jack with variable speed motor
  • Decanter material
    304 or 316 SS
  • Fail safe overflow protection in case of power outage
    Yes, decanter parked above top water level acts as an emergency overflow
  • Parts requiring maintenance accessible from the walkway
    Yes, routine maintenance can be performed without draining basin or taking unit out of service
  • Scum guard to exclude floatable solids
    Yes, scum excluded during entire decant cycle
  • Seals and bearings
    Maintenance free, synthetic type
  • Type of decanter
    Active, Mechanically Driven
  • Weir visible from basin side wall
    Yes, operator can visually observe discharged effluent quality
General Information
  • Aeration efficiency achievable
    6 to 10 lb O2/hr/bHp (4 to 6 kg O2/hr/kW)
  • Applications
    Removal of BOD, TSS, Ammonia, TN, and TP
  • Batch or continuous feed
    Continuous feed
  • Capable of operation with single tank
  • Flow rate
    0.1 to 100+ MGD (300 to 300,000+ m3/d) typical
  • Peak hydraulic capacity
    Can accommodate 6 x average dry weather flow, due to variable decant time and continuous flow design
  • Performance warranties
    Guarantees for effluent quality or energy consumption available
  • Possible effluent with tertiary filter
    <5 mg/l BOD and TSS, <3 mg/l TN, <0.1 mg/l TP
  • Pre-react zone as high F:M selector
  • Shop oxygen transfer test
  • Single source of all key equipment
    Yes, design and supply of aeration and mixing equipment, pumps, blowers, valves, instruments, and controls into a single optimized package
  • Typical effluent without tertiary filter
    <10 mg/l BOD and TSS, <5 mg/l TN, <1 mg/l TP
  • Typical pretreatment
    Coarse screen and grit removal
  • Variable decant periods
    Yes, allows reduction in cycle time to treat higher hydraulic loads without reducing the aeration period
Influent Control Valves
  • Requirement
    Not Required
  • Ammonia and nitrate sensors
    YSI/WTW model VARiON Plus 700 IQ
  • DO sensor
    YSI/WTW model FDO 700 IQ
  • Float and level switches
    Flygt LTU-40 level transducer and ENM-10 float switch
  • TSS
    YSI/WTW model ViSolid 700 IQ
  • Terminal / controller
    YSI/WTW model 2020 IQ Sensor Net
  • WAS flow meter
    Xylem MJK Products model MagFlux 7200
Submersible Mixers
  • Types of submersible mixers
    Flygt 4600 Series
Waste Sludge Pumps
  • Types of sludge pumps
    Flygt submersible non-clog type
Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Xylem offers a range of advanced wastewater and water solutions to help operators around the world achieve their required water effluent while delivering optimal performance, reliable operations and substantial energy savings no matter what industry or application. Working with customers, Xylem listens, learns, and adapts to local environments, ensuring the best possible design, customized to meet their specific needs. Below are some recommended industries and applications.

Recommended Industries

Recommended Processes & Applications