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SMOevo ozone system

  • Wedeco Effizon evo 2G electrode technology


Technical Information

Technical Information

Electrical Standards
  • Installed power (kW)
  • Ozone electrical requirements
  • Ozone electrical standards
  • Power factor
General Information
  • Cooling water demand
  • Cooling water inlet temp
  • Cooling water pressure
  • Dew point (feed gas)
  • Dimensions l x h x w (m); l x h x w (ft)
  • Feedgas
  • Feedgas (total hydrocarbons, THC)
  • Feedgas inlet pressure
  • Feedgas outlet pressure oxygen/PSA, air
  • Ozone concentration range
  • Ozone production, nominal [g O3/h] (ppd)
  • Weight (shipping / operating)
Materials of Construction
  • Enclosure
  • In contact with ozone
  • In contact with water
  • Painting
  • Air preparation
  • Cooling systems
  • Demistor
  • Gas distribution system
  • Measurement
  • Oxygen generator
  • Ozone contacting
  • Ozone destructor
  • PLC options
  • Reaction tank
  • Scada communication
Standards & Remote Control & Alarms
  • Bus system
  • Common outputs and alarms
  • HMI
  • PLC
System Components
  • System control
Technical Features
  • Ambient air temperature (min, max)
  • Conformity
  • Humidity
  • Noise level (equivalent sound level - leq)
  • Ozone installation location
  • System control
  • System regulation range
Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Xylem offers a range of advanced wastewater and water solutions to help operators around the world achieve their required water effluent while delivering optimal performance, reliable operations and substantial energy savings no matter what industry or application. Working with customers, Xylem listens, learns, and adapts to local environments, ensuring the best possible design, customized to meet their specific needs. Below are some recommended industries and applications.

Recommended Industries

Recommended Processes & Applications