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Case Studies

Flygt Helps Town Go from Rags to Riches in Town of James Island, SC

United States

In April 2015, JIPSD installed the N3171 in position one at the pump station. About two weeks later they had to remove the original pump from position two for cleaning. The pump in position two had apparently already been ragged up when the first Flygt pump was installed. Since the N3171 was put in place, they have had no callouts to that station for low flow or ragging. JIPSD is already quite impressed with the Flygt pump, which cleans the sump so well that the neighboring submersible pump no longer suffers from ragging issues. Regardless, JIPSD intends to order a second N3171. Read On

Flygt pumps reduce energy cost by 31% thanks to N-Technology


In the spring of 2012, a sewage lift station in the City of Bathurst was requiring monthly servicing to pull the pumps and remove thick fibrous clogs. Although the city’s utility had a service truck with a lift, each service call required the rental of a boom truck due to the weight of the pumps undergoing maintenance. Read On

Flygt Experior Pump System in Jefferson Parish


Jefferson Parish sewer rates are among the lowest in the country for a system of this size and economic importance to the region. Even routine storms can spawn enough rainfall to induce surges of inflow and infiltration (I&I) that can overload stretches of the Parish’s 1500 miles of gravity sewer lines, 200 miles of force mains and 505 lift stations that range from single-horsepower installations to facilities with multiple 400-hp pumps. The Experior solution has provided Jefferson Parish 50% savings in energy costs as well as maintenance costs savings and supports the Parish’s ability to better serve the community with a reliable sewer system. Download to read the whole story. Read On

Flygt Horizontal Dry Pit Submersible N-impeller Pumps in Manitoba, Canada


Ross Street Station, the main lift station located in the town of Swan River in Manitoba, Canada, was constructed in 1975, and by 2012 parts for its original pumps could no longer be easily and readily obtained. Pump components that failed had to be manufactured, which was costly and made for long lead times. During the 2012 Manitoba Summer Games, Swan River received a monumental rainstorm that dumped over 76 mm (~3 in) of water on the area. The town soon discovered that a motor on the dry side of Ross Street Station had shorted out due to excessive moisture. Read On

More energy-efficient pump station


Four high-efficiency 100 kW Flygt N-pumps operating with variable frequency drives (VFDs) deliver a total volume of 0.8 m3/s (12,700 US gpm) and consume 1,000,000 kWh of energy per year. The customer wanted to reduce energy costs but maintain reliable, trouble-free operation without the problems of clogging, sedimentation and floating debris. Read On

Strategic transfer pump station


Challenge At one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the Midlands, a strategic pump station was at risk of complete failure and required fast and efficient replacement within the shortest possible timeframe.  Solution Flygt engineers contributed to designing and commissioning, a 1300-kilowatt pump station with a capacity of 6.0 m3/s (95,000 US gpm) within a 12-month period at costs well below the project budget. The station includes two wet wells to handle inflow and maintain solids in suspension and valve chambers suspended over the wet wells to minimize installation footprint. The first sump house has six fixed-speed pumps operating on a six-duty basis. The pumps are Flygt NP 3300.181LT units each rated at a flow of 0.2 m3/s (3,200 US gpm). When the inflow exceeds the capacity of the NP 3300 pumps, the water level will increase and eventually spill over into the second sump. The second sump house is equipped with four Flygt CP 3531/835 variable-speed pumps rated at 0.9 m3/s (14,000 US gpm). These pumps operate on a threeduty/ one-standby basis. Should inflow exceed the capacity of these pumps, the sump water level will increase and bring storm pumps that are mounted at a higher level in the sump into operation. The storm pumps are four fixed-speed Flygt CP 3531/805 units rated at 0.8 m³/s (12,700 US gpm) that operate on a three-duty/one-standby basis. This multiple pump installation provides a nominal combined output of 6.7 m3/s (106,000 US gpm) for the pump station. Read On

Efficient handling of wastewater at a harbor


To prevent pollution by sewage from ships, governments are required to ensure the provision of adequate sewage reception facilities. One of the ports within the Ports of Stockholm were outfitted with a Flygt pump station for the handling of sewage and grey water. To handle the large amount of waste water without clogging a Flygt TOP pump station including N-pumps were installed. Ensuring reliable and efficient pumping in the tough conditions. Download to read the whole story. Read On

Bringing pumping efficiency beyond par

United Kingdom

England’s Northumbrian Water Ltd (NWL) serves roughly 2.5 million people with water and sewerage services. To better assess its predicted results they conducted a project to measure how much the installation of N-pumps had reduced their costs. The results shows a remarkable 58% reduction of unplanned maintenance as well as energy savings as high as 25% on a yearly basis in one of the pumping stations. Read more in the download. Read On

Don’t get hot and bothered get N-pumps

New Zealand

Frequent blockages and the challenges associated with high temperature geothermal environments put extreme demands on this pumping station. A lot of different solutions had been suggested before the customer was presented with the N-pump. By installing the N-pump the mechanical reliability has improved remarkably, maintenance costs have been slashed and energy savings have been recorded due to shorter run hours and improved electrical and hydraulic efficiency. Download to read the whole story. Read On

Xylem´s Flygt Experior® cuts energy use at pumping station by 27 percent


Lake Como is a popular tourist location with a beautiful local environment that puts high demands on reliable and smart wastewater handling. One station in particular was one of the most energy-intensive stations as well as having troubles with clogging leading to extensive maintenance costs. By exchanging the station to a Flygt Experior solution after three months of operation energy savings of 27 % were delivered and no clogging or blocking issues occurred. Download to read the whole story. Read On

Flygt SmartRun keeps control of the costs


Built in 2006, the Sigtuna pump station has two Flygt N 3153 HT pumps, originally started via soft starters. In 2011, Xylem installed Flygt SmartRun pump controller on each pump in the Sigtuna station. Flygt SmartRun is designed to always search for a duty point which minimizes the friction losses and maximizes the efficiency of the pump. It combines the simplicity of conventional on/off control with the advanced functionality of a variable frequency drive (VFD). Flygt Smart Run gave energy savings of 30% as well as enabling a simpler and easier operation. Download to read the whole story. Read On

Xylem´s Flygt Experior® halves energy use at Heathrow pumping station

United Kingdom

By installing a Flygt Experior solution the energy consumption at a pumping station at Heathrow airport was cut by 50 percent. The need for maintenance call-outs was also eliminated by the solution. In this way Xylem was able to deliver an energy efficient and sustainable wastewater pumping solution in an extremely busy and pressurized environment. Download to read the whole story. Read On