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    Case Studies

    Flygt Conquers LPSS in Steep and Rocky Terrain


    The town of Leon, West Virginia, founded in 1872, has recently installed its first central collection and treatment system. Its 160 residential homes had previously relied on old, failing septic systems and/or straight pipes that emptied directly into the Kanawha River, which empties into the Ohio River. Leon’s new low pressure sewage system (LPSS) is the first of its kind in the US. Download to read the whole story. Read On

    Pumping away maintenance


    A pressure sewage system (PSS) station in Australia experienced significant fluctuations in traffic patterns: increased traffic during tourist season and limited visitors during the off-season putting high demands on the products. A trial was done with a Flygt PC grinder pump, results showing reliable operation and no clogging even though the station often was filled with large solids like denim rags and sticks. Read more in the download Read On

    Some say it cannot be done


    A community in Myra wanted a pressure sewage system (PSS) that was cost-effective and reliable. To be able to offer that a design was made combining Flygt centrifugal grinder pumps with Flygt PC grinder pumps. In this way the most optimal solutions was achieved. Read more in the download. Read On