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    Cooling water for gas-fired power plant


    Challenge A gas-fired power plant in southern Sweden required a supply of cooling water to be pumped through a long pipe, which is sensitive to water hammer, to heat exchangers that are sensitive to rapid changes in pressure. Solution Due to a low lift system, Flygt propeller pumps are used to deliver approximately 6 m³/s (95,000 US gpm). The propeller pumps transport seawater, which is used as cooling water, into a surge tower in order to pressurize the pipeline. The surge tower guarantees that no rapid changes in pressure will occur in the pipe system, thereby preventing water hammer. Read On

    Creating a white-water ride


    Challenge Creating an artificial white water channel for water sports such as kayaking, canoeing and rafting by pumping 3 m3/s (48,000 US gpm) per pump at a height of 7 m (24 ft). Solution The operating mode provided the simultaneous use of three or four pumps with a fifth as a backup. We supplied five Flygt PL 7101 pumps rated at 300 kW each. When the channel was not used for racing, two Flygt LL 3300 pumps rated at 27 kW each handled a flow of 0.25 m3/s (4,000 US gpm). Due to the complexity of maneuvering the system and controlling pumps in conjunction with other equipment in the water channel, we also provided a Flygt pump controller to manage all these devices. Flygt has designed propeller pump stations for thousands of installations around the world. Engineering expertise and years of experience have resulted in the success of these installations. Read On

    Cost-efficient pump station


    Challenge To provide a cost-efficient pump station fed by three independent inlets, resulting in a potential maximum inflow of 7.8 m3/s (123,000 US gpm) combined. Air entrainment into the pumps due to the three independent inlets presented challenges. Solution We designed a solution using four Flygt PL 7101 propeller pumps with a total capacity of 8 m3/s (127,000 US gpm). This solution is shallower than competitors’ solutions and has a lower height for lifting the water, which reduces energy consumption. The design was verified through physical hydraulic scale model tests to ensure the reliability of the solution. Read On

    Propeller pump stations


    Challenge A major city in Mexico has three different propeller pump stations to handle combined wastewater and stormwater pumping. For nine months of the year, the stations transport wastewater and during the three month rainy season a combination of sewage water and stormwater. Backup diesel generators are installed to deliver power during power failures. To dimension the generators, accurate start calculations are essential.  Solution We recommended the installation of 27 Flygt 7121 propeller pumps for a total capacity of approximately 80 m3/s (1,268,000 US gpm) at the three stations. To verify that the pumps would have sufficient starting torque and start currents that are not too high, we conducted and analyzed start calculations to ensure that the values for both torque and current were sufficient. Read On

    Circular sewage and stormwater pump station


    Challenge A large combined sewage and stormwater station will be built in one of the largest cities in the world. The flow is high, the head is fairly low, and the footprint is limited. Solution Using Flygt submersible pumps in a circular wet well design, the footprint of the installation was kept to a minimum. For the flow and head conditions of the stormwater, Flygt propeller pumps were the most suitable. A circular sump is generally not preferred for propeller pumps due to the adverse flow conditions that can occur. To avoid such conditions, Flygt Formed Suction Intake devices were successfully used in order to achieve uniform inflow to the pumps Read On

    Compact stormwater pump station


    Challenge Placement of a new stormwater pump station in a 10 m x 5 m (32 × 18 ft) area between two roads and a hotel in one mid-western state’s major cities. Close proximity to three rivers, snow melting during the springtime and heavy rainfall during the summer posed flooding risks to the area. Solution A compact stormwater station with excellent hydraulics within the limited space using Flygt propeller pumps and Flygt Formed Suction Intake devices. Each pump  is rated 280 HP and designed to pump 2 m3/s (31,600 US gpm) at 7 m (22 ft) TDH. Thanks to the use of the Flygt FSI devices, the station was able to handle 22 cm (9 in.) of rainfall in a single day. The station is so compact that it can accommodate an additional pump should expansion be necessary in the future. Read On