Flygt pumps are at work in many different applications within the entire water cycle around the globe. By combining our reliable and efficient pumps with our solid application engineering expertise, we can offer the right solutions for your every need. Learn more about the different applications and the challenges we meet and solve for you.

Dock Dewatering

<p>Pumping away water from docks to enable construction and repair of ships.</p>


<p>Artificial watering of dry areas and grounds</p>

Leachate Water

<p>Pumping away water that has run through matter such as garbage and waste.</p>

Retention Basins

<p>Basins to help evening out the flow in sewage systems and into treatment plants.</p>

Stormwater & Flood Control

<p>Pump stations transporting large volumes of lightly contaminated water when flooding or rainstorms occur.</p>

Water Intakes

<p>Water intake stations to industrial and municipal plants</p>

Water Rides

<p>Water rides and courses for competitions and leisure</p>