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Voice of Customer

Using a fundamental voice of customer approach, we’ve spent significant time in the field.

How did we get here? We listened, we observed, we anticipated, we tested. And we learned. Essence of Life was born at the intersection of multiple areas of expertise, including our sophisticated "voice of the customer" execution.

We conducted extensive field visits, interviewing more than 750 farmers across India, while also establishing hybrid value chain relationships with key citizen sector and non-governmental organizations across numerous developing nations. With these partners we conducted focused technology and product testing, successfully field-testing 60 samples across India, Africa, Latin America and Asia. These interactions enabled us to zero in on the critical consumer needs, realizing the spoken, unspoken and anticipated needs of our rural customers. 

What we’ve learned when we asked:

Why choose one irrigation method over another? 80% convenience

Why prefer specific brands? 89% quality

Availability of funding for purchases? 50% national banks

Where to get product information? 72% fellow farmers

So what does this all tell us?

A strong union of human factors design with robust system performance is vital

Quality is the ultimate decision maker.

The need for the hybrid value chain is prevalent.

Aggressive, rural marketing methods will be essential in marketing the products.


    We're designing products to meet the clearly understood needs of our rural customers, the citizen sector organizations who support them, and our agri-business partners.​

Images from the field

​The local farming community gathered around to take turns trying out a field sample of our product.