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Hybrid Value Chain Business Model

Essence of Life: An innovative distribution model that connects the dots.

Using a Hybrid Value Chain concept--an innovative public-private collaboration strategy with its roots in academic thought leadership--Essence of Life breaks through the physical, economic, and other entrenched factors that underlie the persistence of agricultural underperformance, and connects farmers with the products they need to grow... while building new markets for our and our partners' products. 

Why would Xylem target rural farming applications?  We know through studies conducted by DFID, OECD, WB, UN and the CIA WFB that three quarters of the world’s poor live in rural areas and depend upon agriculture, forestry, and fisheries for substance and income.  Further, farmers make up one third of the world’s population; 1.5 billion of them are smallholders who farm for their own food. Yet much of their arable land and entrepreneurial energy are underutilized.

Our Essence of Life portfolio is the result of our sustained commitment to creating products that demonstrate our design expertise, sophisticated customer engagement tools, and thought leadership in building successful hybrid value chains across the world's developing rural sectors.  

Images from the field

​A farmer stands among his crops on his family farm in India.