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Optimize your solar panel with XyDial™

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The patent pending XyDial™ iPhone® application enables users to expertly locate, configure, adjust and review their solar panel in real-time, finding the position that will receive the most sunlight and optimize the panel’s power output. Taking advantage of the iPhone’s GPS, digital compass, gyroscope and forward-facing camera, XyDial™ uses an intuitive GUI to identify the most efficient placement for a solar panel based upon a user’s geographic location, identified usage period, and panel orientation. An advanced shadow adjustment feature helps the user identify possible points at which a solar panel will be shaded.

Recent updates include a new zoomable power output graphing capability.  Users may view panel output from a month level down to a daily hour level. Further, a new feature allows users to input electrical grid costs & chart electricity savings as compared against selected photovoltaic specifications and resulting PV power output.  An intuitive toggle feature switches between photovoltaic power (PV) output and electrical grid savings directly within the graphing function.

XyDial™ works anywhere in the world, with or without an Internet connection, and incorporates a number of additional customizable features, including:

Optimizes solar power – effortlessly identifies the most optimal solar panel configuration & location and works globally with no Internet connection required.

User-friendly interface – leverages patent pending mathematical coding and GUI using both visual and audible cues.

Saved panels – supports naming, saving, editing and viewing of multiple locations and multiple configurations.

Customizable settings – allows estimations for the expected panel output based upon internal solar irradiation databases, panel specifications, geographical location and selected calendar dates.

Shadow function - utilizes a unique, spatial “Shadow Function” to identify obstructions through a full 360 degree view.

Power output graphs – zoomable charts allow users to view panel output from a month level down to a daily hour level.  Unique toggle feature shows energy output or electrical grid savings.

Bilingual – XyDial™ is available in English and German.

Outstanding support - Developed in collaboration with the Apple “Hall of Fame” and “Application Design Award” winner Vito Technology (Creators of StarWalk™ and SolarWalk™).

                                  Intuitive Graphical Interface

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    Zoomable Charting - Monthly Power

      Zoomable Charting - Daily Power

    Zoomable Charting - Monthly Savings

          Shadow Selection Interface

    Create, Edit & Save Multiple Panels