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Maritime Water Treatment

Water serves as more than a catalyst of transportation in worldwide navigation. It’s also an important provision and operating resource on ships and yachts, as well as offshore platforms.
Xylem helps ensure successful passages by treating drinking water, wastewater and ballast water.
​Our pollution-free ultraviolet (UV) technology combined with filtration is a most effective, environmentally friendly and easy-to-implement system. A sensible alternative to chemical disinfectants and expensive membrane systems, our UV technology greatly improves the health of crew members and protects waterways and their ecological systems.

Some of the ways Xylem helps with maritime water treatment include:

  • Treating drinking water and wastewater: The great advantage of UV light compared with other techniques is the environmentally friendly way in which it works:
    • Viruses, bacteria and parasites are inactivated by a photochemical reaction between the UV radiation and the genetic information carrier (DNA) of the pathogen within seconds 
    • The pathogen can no longer multiply and dies; because this is a purely physical technique, the pathogen types do not become resistant to the UV radiation
    • No harmful by-products form in the water
    • The natural taste and odor of the water are preserved
  • Treating “stowaways” in ballast water: In order to prevent organisms, algae and micro-organisms from spreading into other offshore ecological systems, ballast water must be treated before it is released into coastal waters. There are several advantages to treating your ballast water with Xylem’s UV and filtration systems: 
    • “Stowaways” are rendered harmless, effectively and completely
    • No chemical additives are put into the water with UV disinfection; the water retains its natural characteristics
    • No toxic by-products form
    • Considerably lower space requirements compared with alternative methods
  • Providing a wide array of UV disinfection products and accessories such as: 
    • The effective applications of high-performance, energy-efficient UV lamps that destroy more than 99.99% of all waterborne pathogens — in just seconds  
    • UV disinfection for liquids with low UV transmittance
    • Flow-rate up to 1.335 m³/h per unit
    • Available seawater-resistant UV chambers made of marine-graded HDPE (Polyethylene)


​In water-stressed areas of the world near saltwater or brackish water supplies, removing salt from water through desalination is sometimes the only option to supply communities and industry with potable water.
Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

​Once water has served its myriad industrial uses, it must be treated to be reused, treated to enter the public utility wastewater treatment process or treated to return to the environment in a manner consistent with water quality regulations.
Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment

​Industrial process water must be of an appropriate quality to ensure that products comply with required quality standards and that the manufacturing process is both efficient and controllable.
Public Utility Wastewater Treatment

Public Utility Wastewater Treatment

​Once water has served its many residential and commercial uses, it must be treated so that it may be returned to the environment in a manner consistent with water quality regulations.
Public Utility Water Treatment

Public Utility Water Treatment

​A healthy water supply is one in which all waterborne pathogens and organisms are destroyed by means of disinfection methods.
Water Reuse

Water Reuse

​Drought, population growth and water shortages in water-stressed areas of the world are being mitigated through water reclamation or “water reuse” — when wastewater is treated and reused to become a reliable alternative water source.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Case Studies

Keeping Beijing from Going Underwater

After a massive flood overwhelmed Beijing’s storm water system, the capital city has begun installing Xylem’s submersible pumps capable of handling even the heaviest rainstorms.​

N-Pump eases wastewater plant sludge handling

Wastewater treatment facilities in Scotland and Germany turned to Xylem’s Flygt brand for greater efficiencies and savings in maintenance.

Saving energy at a sewage lift station

​The City of Milford wanted a way to save energy at the Welches Point sewage lift station. By adding a small booster pump to the sewage pumping system, the city reduced the station's annual energy consumption by 36,096 kWh which resulted in annual savings.

Supplying filtration membranes to garden’s wastewater treatment network

​Novel membrane filters power ultra-compact wastewater plant for Venice's garden on the island of Sant'Erasmo

The heart of a wastewater treatment pumping in the heart of Virginia

Xylem and Flygt helped a Virginia county replace vertical centrifugal solids-handling pumps with compact vertical centrifugal submersible dry-pit mounted pumps