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Mining & Quarrying

Moving water is critical in mining 

As pressures build on the mining industry, mine operators are looking at their equipment and focusing on maximizing efficiency and productivity to maintain, or even improve their bottom line. Whether you are mining metals, coal, oil-shale, limestone or precious gems, the focus of operations has shifted to higher-production at lower operating costs. Water continues to remain a critical issue in mining operations. Xylem is the right partner for your mining or quarrying dewatering needs.

Xylem offers a complete program for mining or quarrying water solutions. You can leverage our team to design, install and maintain your dewatering equipment, whether your operation is open-pit or underground. With Xylem, you:

Have the right pump for the job. With a broad portfolio of electric and diesel pumps, no one offers a wider selection than Xylem. For your convenience, we offer rental and purchase options.

Have a reliable system that works. Because we design and build our own equipment, we understand how it works best and engineer dewatering systems to meet the needs your mining operation.

Have a support team committed to your safety and success. The experienced Xylem team provides turnkey services, including site drainage design, installation and equipment servicing. We are there every step of the mining process.

For all your mining water transfer and removal needs, Xylem has a team and pumps ready for you. As a proven leader in the dewatering industry, we make a great team.