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Construction & Tunneling

Construction dewatering is not an option

A dry construction site is a vital part of the construction process because it helps ensure production schedules are met in an environment that is safe for workers. In fact, a dewatering pump is often one of the first pieces of equipment at a construction site and one of the last to leave.

You are the construction expert, and Xylem is the leading construction site dewatering expert. Leverage our team to design, install and maintain your construction dewatering and tunnel draining system needs. Then, your crew can work with confidence on the site because you:

Have the right pump for the job. With a broad portfolio of electric and diesel pumps, no one offers a wider selection than Xylem. For your convenience, we offer rental and purchase options.

Have a reliable system that works. Because we design and build our own equipment, we understand how it works best and engineer pumping systems to match the right equipment to your needs.

Have a support team committed to your safety and success. The experienced Xylem team provides turnkey services, including site drainage design, installation and ongoing service. We are there every step of the construction process.

No matter the size of your construction site dewatering project, we have a team and pump ready for you. Xylem is a proven leader.  We make a great team, and can build infrastructure together.