Xylem’s Flygt brand provides customers with a complete range of products and solutions for moving water and wastewater. We design and manufacture dry and submersible pumps and mixers, and advanced monitoring and control equipment, for use in a broad range of applications including municipal water and wastewater systems and industries such as mining, construction, aquaculture, agriculture, and many more.

Flygt Product Categories

Water & Wastewater PumpingDewateringWater & Wastewater Treatment

Industries & Applications

Our extensive industrial and application expertise, combined with our broad offering of state-of-the-art products, enable us to deliver superior, customized solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Water & Wastewater PumpingDewatering
Water & Wastewater Treatment

Engineering & Expertise

Engineering excellence is fundamental to the Flygt mindset. We continuously refine our products to ensure that we offer our customers the most reliable, energy efficient, and cost effective pumping and mixing solutions on the market. We have the most patents in the industry and a strong track record of developing new innovations designed to meet our customers’ real-world needs.

Research & Development
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The Flygt brand represents a long history of pioneering development of products and solutions for handling water and wastewater.

It all started in the town of Emmaboda in southern Sweden, where Per Alfred Stenberg, a blacksmith and mould maker, established a foundry in 1901. Two decades later, in 1922, an engineer named Hilding Flygt set up a pump and fan sales company in Stockholm. A newspaper advertisement brought the two companies into contact in 1929, and resulted in Stenberg and his brother starting to manufacture Flygt pumps in Emmaboda.

The major breakthrough for the company came in 1947 when Sixten Englesson, chief engineer, invented the first submersible drainage pump. The first submersible sewage pump was unveiled in 1956. During the 1970s, the product range was expanded to include mixers and other products.


The invention of the submersible pump laid the foundation for the expansion of Flygt onto the international market. It began with a sales company in the Netherlands in 1954, which was soon followed by sales companies in West Germany, Canada and the USA. The expansion continued during the 1960s, when seven additional overseas companies were established.

Throughout Flygt’s history, the primary production facility has remained in Sweden. Today’s extended production includes facilities in the USA, India, China and Argentina. Currently about 140,000 Flygt pumps are manufactured around the world each year.

Over the decades, Flygt has continued to be the leading innovator, with technologies such as non-clog N-hydralics, flush valves, spin-out seals and advanced monitoring and control systems.

By meeting customer demands for more than 100 years, Flygt has earned a world-class reputation in the market synonymous with reliability, engineering excellence and closeness to the customer.

Flygt Innovation Timeline

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