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Barge Ballasting

Ballasting a barge is a balancing act

Ballasting a barge is a delicate but necessary operation. The water helps keep the barge level during loading and unloading, which is critical when transferring large structures such as components of a bridge. The ballasting requirements also change for load out and float over procedures.

With unprecedented experience in barge ballasting, our products have helped on bridge construction projects from Rhode Island to California and everywhere in between. With Xylem, you will:

  • Have the right equipment for the job. With a broad portfolio of pumps and water management equipment, no one offers a wider selection than Xylem. We also offer rental equipment.
  • Have a reliable system that works. Because we design and build our own equipment, we understand how it works best and create systems to match equipment to needs of the marine industry.
  • Have a support team committed to your safety and success. The experienced Xylem team provides turnkey services, including design, installation and ongoing service. We are there every step of the process.

With Xylem as your partner, we will ensure your project doesn't take on water.